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Order Now & Get Same Day Drop Off

  • $139 includes the Drop Off – up to 7 Day Rental – and Pick Up of your FAST BIN
  • $89 per Metric Tonne (1000 kg) for the weight of the waste inside your FAST BIN

You pay $228 for a 1 week bin rental including 1 tonne of garbage!
You don't pay ANYTHING for your the weight of your metal, we Recycle!
Finding the right Fastbin is easy, and unlike our competitors, we accept cash deposits!

10/15/20 cubic yard bin

10 cu yd: 12’ long x 8’ wide x 3’ high
15 cu yd: 16’ long x 8’ wide x 3.5’ high
20 cu yd: 16’ long x 8’ wide x 4.5’ high

Used in small scale cleanouts, bathroom reno’s and small roof jobs.

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30/40 cubic yard bin

30 cu. yd.: 16’ long x 8’ wide x 7’ high
40 cu. yd.: 18’ long x 8’ wide x 8’ high

Used in large scale home demo’s and reno’s to industrial and large scale commercial use.

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5/15 cubic yard bin

16’ long x 4’ wide x 2’ high
14’ long x 8’ wide x 4’ high

Used for the removal of sod, soil, clean fill and concrete. Clean Fill Only!

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  • Easy access back doors allowing you to walk directly into the bin
  • Fully insured and well trained drivers
  • Every size bin available, big and small
  • Our smaller trucks are able to place a bin where our larger trucks can’t; we have both big & small
  • Monthly Rates for bins are available

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Finished with the Fast Bin? Call us to come pick it up. Next day Guaranteed!

Fast Bin Guidelines

  • All Fast Bins fit easily onto a residential driveway.
  • The Fast Bin will be delivered and placed on your driveway with boards underneath the Fast Bin. If this is not possible, you may require a city permit. Please notify us upon booking your Fast Bin rental.
  • We ask that you not fill the Fast Bin beyond the top edge of the bin as this is considered an unsafe load.
  • Additional fees may apply if collection of the Fast Bin cannot be performed due to over filling.
  • Refer to our accepted materials checklist below for more information on what can be disposed of.

What can go in my Household Waste Bin?

  • Furniture, appliances, TV's, computers, and electronics
  • Construction and renovation debris
  • Household goods
  • Wood, shingles and scrap metal
  • Tires - $5 eco fee per tire will apply

What can go in my Clean Fill Bin?

  • Concrete/asphalt/Gravel/Stone
  • Dirt/Sod
  • Red Brick
  • no household waste or renovation debris

What CANNOT go in the Fast Bin

  • NO hazardous items
  • NO cleaning chemicals
  • NO propane tanks
  • NO batteries
  • NO Medical Waste
Note: If tires are disposed of a $5 eco fee per tire will apply.
If you are unclear as to whether an item can go in the Fast Bin please contact us at 905-777-DUMP (3867) for the Hamilton area, 905-333-FAST (3278) from the Oakville/Burlington area or Toll Free at 1(866)GOJUNKS (465-8657). For more information on clean fill bins click here.

Had Something Smaller In Mind?

How About A Junk Sac?

6’ long x 3’ wide x 4’ high
Used in small demo’s, minor renovations and cleanouts.

Junk Sacs hold approximately 3 cubic yard of waste and a total weight capacity of 1500kg/3300lb!

Note: A junk sac can be delivered right to your door. A $25 drop fee does apply (cash accepted). Pickup of Junk Sac is available, 7 days a week at our location. 866 Nebo Rd.

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Junk Sac Guidelines

  • It is the customers’ responsibility to call for pick-up when the Junk Sac is full.
  • Additional fees will be charged if the sac is overfilled or cannot be picked up.
  • We accept tires. A $5 eco fee per tire will apply.
  • We recycle metal, electronic waste & computers.
  • Handles must be outside of the sac before filling and the Junk Sac should be a least 5ft from any structures or objects that might obstruct or get damaged during collection.
  • Do not place under wires or trees. We require 18ft of vertical clearance to collect the Junk Sac.
  • The Junk Sac must be on your property and not on any part of public property.
  • In order for us to collect the Junk Sac, handles of the Junk Sac must be able to connect at the top of the bag.
  • Junk Sac must not be overfilled. It must sit upright and must not be leaning over to one side.